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We’re here to introduce us one of our suppliers: Dyneema®.

Dyneema® is an synthetic fiber : UHMWPE (for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).Thanks to its molecular composition, the Dyneema® materials is able to withstand heavy loads without breaking: at equal diameter, it is on average 15x stronger than steelWe aretherefore very proud to be able to count on Dyneema®  materials among our suppliers in the creation of the Samaya® tent. In effect, this Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene that is highly resistant to mechanical tear and tensile strength can also withstand prolonged UV exposure or resist moisture. Finally Dyneema® materials robustness fits perfectly with our tent models in the sense of four seasons utilisation. This allows us to give our tents characteristics still not found on the market. Dyneema® fabrics unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and outstanding abrasion-resistance and durability increase the areas in which technical fabrics can be used successfully.

So, in our production process of our tent models, we integrate the “Dyneema Composite Fabrics®” which is constructed from a superposition at 90° of monofilaments of  UHMWPE (“Dyneema®”) and glued between two layers of a transparent polyester-film (« Mylar ») to achieve an ultra strong and lightweight final result.
The Dyneema Composite Fabrics® is so a laminated fabric constructed from UHMWPE fiber monofilaments and polyester.

Dyneema Composite Fabrics® is the strongest laminate and most durable fiber in the world.

In the 1980s, DSM invented synthetic fiber Dyneema®. Since the invention of the high performance Dyneema®, the fiber has evolved several times.

The first type of fiber has been marketed under the reference SK60. The following types followed: SK 75, 76, 78, 90, 95 and 99. Dyneema® material has become over the years and advances the most resistant polyethylene fiber thanks to a patented gel rotation process. Thanks to the acquisition of Cubic Tech, the DSM company win a step higher in terms of R&D. Cuben Fiber is the original company and product name that was sold to North Sails for the use in sailcloth. Outside of sailcloth the company was restarted as Cubic Tech Corporation By acquiring Cubic Tech, DSM Dyneema will further extend the brand into high-performance fabrics, reinforcing the position as one of the leading brands in ultra-high performance materials.

We therefore use the Dyneema® materials in several stages of creation of the tent: first of all the floor to protect the ground is entirely manufactured using the Dyneema® materials. Moreover, for all that concerns the vents of the tent, there again the materials help us to propose a model of quality. Finally, thanks to the Dyneema’s waste fabric during the previous steps, we recover our accessories with it: pegs bag, poles …

Thanks to all the technical characteristics that make up the Dyneema® materials, we can offer a final product that wants to be light and ultra resistant. This collaboration with Dyneema® is in line with the characteristics of our tent: Lightness, performance and comfort.

In order to meet ever higher needs we wanted to offer components of the tent always more powerful. After several test periods we have managed to develop an ever more practical tent that offers unequal quality. We look forward to making you discover this beautiful project with ever more advanced materials.

Make product LIGHTER without compromising on strength & durability ! 

To know more about the Dyneema Project® and the fiber please check that link: