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Would be very easy to say that we have a technical know-how thanks to our studies and to our experience in textile and engineering fields. However, we are proud to say that our tent is the extraordinary result of many hours and days spent testing each prototype.
Starting from our home gardens, our tents were tested after each evolution in different environments. The aim was different each time: we tested the materials, in order to reach the highest waterproof and breathable level, with the minimum weight. We tested the resistance, sleeping in exposed conditions: we spent several nights on the glacier, even at the summit of the Mont-Blanc. We tested the volume, calculating and designing, to then transfer our numbers into reality.

Professionals and athletes are currently testing the tent in different conditions. Our ambassadors are planning to go to the Denali in spring 2019 to push the tent in one of the hardest summits of the world. This and other expeditions will confirm the high technicality and performance of Samaya’s tent.

We’re working hard, day by day, to create the product that is the closest possible to perfection.