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All along the month of August 2018, Samaya’s founders have been on a testing phase. Aiguille du Tour, Tour Ronde, La Dent du Géant and Rochefort ridge allowed the two alpinists to get right into it. The physical shape being back, on a bright sunny day of the 15th of August, the guys spent the night on the Mont Blanc summit after going through the 3 mounts route. « It was a real goal for us to be able to show that our product could handle it. We were physically ready, the acclimation phase had been respected and we were well prepared. The night went alright and the awakening an absolute bliss ». Our tent resisted harsh winds, the fabric gave us a good breathability and waterproofness up to our challenges, the lightness of our product has allowed us to access the most unusual and surprising places.

With excitement, we were getting started.