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SAMAYA created the lightest 2,5 person tent ever designed. Extremely light and compact yet very spacious, we believe that performance can and should go along with comfort.



Twice as light as what you can currently find on the market, we gained a huge amount of lightness thanks to real innovations. Our inflated hoops system and single-wall three layers shelter are a game changer.



Because performance is not an option, our tent is highly waterproof, breathable and windproof. From the beach to the top of the mountains, our four season product is there to accompany everyone in their own adventure.



Comfort is one of our priorities. That’s the reason why we designed our tent with CAD (Computer Aided Design) right from the beginning. It allowed us to mesure the inner volume and make sure you could use this tent as a refuge.
Perfect for two people, suitable for three, this tent has everything you need and more for your next trips.


Comfort without compromise is our mantra. A dome shape and pure lines,
Samaya is about being minimal, humble and elegant.




Inspired by traditional outdoor values but not only, Samaya is deeply connected to the roots of mountaineering whilst innovating towards new manners and behaviors. Therefore, we cross the no longer existing borders of the different sports in any kind of field the nature has to offer.



The SAMAYA tent is an ultra-light tent for 2-3 people that combines performance and comfort.

This single-wall self-supporting dome tent is designed for all conditions. The wall is made with a highly

waterproof and breathable fabric so it will protect you from all external conditions and will keep you warm and dry at every moment.

Furthermore, it guarantees to drastically reduce condensation buildup inside in humid conditions. This tent is dedicated to 2 or 3 people with excellent withstand harsh wind, tested above 4800m meters high with winds exceeding 70 km/h and temperatures lower than -20°C.

It is also very easy to rise up, take down and store away with the inflatable structure. Innovative design with an optimized use of space, it offers a unique living space never before seen in ultralight tents.

Thanks to ultra light and high performance materials, this tent is the lightest all season tent in the world and suitable for any type of use.


Elbrus, we’re back

Several days of expedition in Russia in complete autonomy, climbing the North Face of Elbrus, this was the challenge we were seeking to prove us right about the key specifications of our first tent.  As the wind was blowing and the cold froze our beards at the third...

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Hey there, what’s up ?  In order for us to grow our impact on the outdoor market, we just launched a crowdfunding campaign. The main goal for this is: To involve you guys in the process and truly make a difference in the industry. As explained on our Ulule webpage...

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ISPO 2019, SAMAYA Official Launching

Well, we are back. Back from ISPO, with a lot of new energy. ISPO was an incredible experience made up of forming new relationships, shared advice, and a genuine interest in SAMAYA. We really couldn’t have hoped a better stage for SAMAYA : more than 80 000 people...

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Amazing DAY1 at ISPO2019

This first day filled with emotion and interesting meetings in ISPO 2019 for SAMAYA EQUIPMENT!  First inquisitive eyes from worldwide public and outdoor professionals. GREAT! People there, are interested by the product, the brand positioning and our human being. The...

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Product testing on the field

All along the month of August 2018, Samaya’s founders have been on a testing phase. Aiguille du Tour, Tour Ronde, La Dent du Géant and Rochefort ridge allowed the two alpinists to get right into it. The physical shape being back, on a bright sunny day of the 15th of...

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Samaya’s adventures

In Samaya, the best way to test our product is…to make adventures with it. As we promise, freedom has never been so light : and for us, as professionals, it can only be a pleasure to test freedom and adventure, which are in Samaya’s roots. That’s why Ghislain, Arthur...

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Annecy Base Camp 

12C rue du pré faucon 

74940 Annecy le Vieux