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Where: Japan

When: July, 2019

We took advantage of the summer period to visit our suppliers in different parts of Asia. On the spot, we were able to work together on the latest technical aspects and futur development of the Samaya® tent. The beginning of the trip started with a stop in Japan to see our distributor of fabric supplier.

It was important to be aware of how our suppliers worked. We were able to meet the people in charge of the waterproof and breathable fabric, discover their factories, but also their way of working around our project. Their details, their precision and their involvement have been a real satisfaction and fervor for us.

At the launch of our project, we knew that the challenge of making a tent with such technical materials could make the task difficult. But through this trip, we realized that the instructions for realization were perfectly executed and that the project went beyond our expectations.

To see that people who work so far away from us, show such an important involvement and detail in their work, also proves that we have made the right choices.

We are proud to work with Asian suppliers, who have a impressive knwoledge about technical materials and high quality product.

Ghislain Pipers


Where: China

When: July, 2019

Then the trip was extended to China where there is our tent factory. Together we were able to spend time in order to finalize the range created the 1st year.


The advances made in such a short time were just incredible. We were able to realize the contribution of each person in the making of tents. Between the realization of the raw prototypes in our offices and the finished goods, it is a real step that is made for Samaya® and its future commercialization. The last stage of the assembly was crucial for us because the chosen materials had to be perfectly integrated with each other. Including the Dyneema®, which is not yet much used in this type of confection.



Again, we were amazed by the precision and work done in the assembly of our tents. The working conditions on site were far from what we would have expected. It was while going on site that we also faced the last unforeseen on the model. We did not neglect any finishing, that’s why until the last step the product was analyzed from all angles. We are proud to be able to return to France full head images, and new projects already in place!
This experience of meeting across the globe really reinforced us about the chance to work with perfectionist people and invested as much as we do.

Today, we are proud to be able to work with people who are passionate, talented and who have a technical tent that can not be found in Europe. Our suppliers have a quality and detail in their work that makes the Samaya® tent unique from a technical point of view.