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Our road trip this summer

Where: Japan When: July, 2019 We took advantage of the summer period to visit our suppliers in different parts of Asia. On the spot, we were able to work together on the latest technical aspects and futur development of the Samaya tent. The beginning of the trip...

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One of our suppliers : Dyneema®

Hey there, what’s going on ? We're here to introduce us one of our suppliers: Dyneema®. Dyneema® is an synthetic fiber : UHMWPE (for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).Thanks to its molecular composition, the Dyneema® materials is able to withstand heavy loads...

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Outdoor French Award WINNERS : SAMAYA

Where: OutDoor By ISPO, Munich, GERNAMY When: Monday, JuLy the 1st We’ve been invited to BASECAMP OF INSPIRATION in ISPO to present our two last products ready for the market. We met again our current manufacturer, retailers,  and our futur consumers. Coming at ISPO...

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Inosport 2019, a rewarding event for SAMAYA

Where: Voiron When: Thursday, June the 6th Inosport is an annual event dedicated to showcase the newest innovations in the sports, leisure, and health industries. It was created with the desire to support innovation and growth within these areas, which, if you ask us,...

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MAXI-RACE – Encounter with the trail running community

Where: Annecy When: The 24th - 25th - 26th of May  It was our first trail running event and it was a blast ! For the first time we could meet the trail running community and present SAMAYA in one of the biggest event of the discipline. We could have your thoughts and...

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Elbrus, we’re back

Several days of expedition in Russia in complete autonomy, climbing the North Face of Elbrus, this was the challenge we were seeking to prove us right about the key specifications of our first tent.  As the wind was blowing and the cold froze our beards at the third...

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Hey there, what’s up ?  In order for us to grow our impact on the outdoor market, we just launched a crowdfunding campaign. The main goal for this is: To involve you guys in the process and truly make a difference in the industry. As explained on our Ulule webpage...

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ISPO 2019, SAMAYA Official Launching

Well, we are back. Back from ISPO, with a lot of new energy. ISPO was an incredible experience made up of forming new relationships, shared advice, and a genuine interest in SAMAYA. We really couldn’t have hoped a better stage for SAMAYA : more than 80 000 people...

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Amazing DAY1 at ISPO2019

This first day filled with emotion and interesting meetings in ISPO 2019 for SAMAYA EQUIPMENT!  First inquisitive eyes from worldwide public and outdoor professionals. GREAT! People there, are interested by the product, the brand positioning and our human being. The...

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Product testing on the field

All along the month of August 2018, Samaya’s founders have been on a testing phase. Aiguille du Tour, Tour Ronde, La Dent du Géant and Rochefort ridge allowed the two alpinists to get right into it. The physical shape being back, on a bright sunny day of the 15th of...

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Samaya’s adventures

In Samaya, the best way to test our product is…to make adventures with it. As we promise, freedom has never been so light : and for us, as professionals, it can only be a pleasure to test freedom and adventure, which are in Samaya’s roots. That’s why Ghislain, Arthur...

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Prototype and test: Samaya’s mantras

Would be very easy to say that we have a technical know-how thanks to our studies and to our experience in textile and engineering fields. However, we are proud to say that our tent is the extraordinary result of many hours and days spent testing each prototype....

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Samaya at Ispo 2019

As ISPO is the most important and the largest trade fair for sports equipment in the world, we are immensely proud to announce that SAMAYA will be there. We’re really excited thinking that SAMAYA was chosen over lot of other submissions for the 30th edition of ISPO...

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