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Hey there, what’s up ? 

In order for us to grow our impact on the outdoor market, we just launched a crowdfunding campaign. The main goal for this is:

To involve you guys in the process and truly make a difference in the industry. As explained on our Ulule webpage (here), the funds will serve to go and present our brand and product on international business fairs. It is also a matter of connexion with you guys, create a community and appreciate the perception you have of the project so far. 

We want to create a special bound with the people who have supported us, are supporting us or will be doing so. That’s why we want you to be apart of our Samaya Family, a community which is for boundary pushers and out of the box thinkers out there. 

To know more about the crowdfunding campaign and join the Family, please check that link:


It’s expedition time for the 2 co-founders, currently climbing the Elbrus Mount.

Ultimate test in situ of our tent, the longest and most challenging for our product yet.


Thanks for the support, to take part on the adventure and join the SAMAYA Family. 


Thanks you!