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Frequently Asked Questions 

About products of Samaya 




How long will La Samaya2.5 last?

La Samaya2.5 is dedicated for people using it in every conditions. We can not say to you that you will keep twenty years because it depends of the use, of the frequency and the storage too.

But you can be confident, La Samaya2.5 is designed to be with you for many years.

Do you use products that cause cancer?

We apply on the outer face of the wall repellent treatment (DWR). Our treatment is the most efficient, its name is C6. The treatment is carcinogenic. We are working on a new development to avoid this treatment and find other solution to keep our performance.

What are packaged and minimum weight, what does it mean?

The minimum weight and package are when you have La Samaya2.5 without pegs, bag and pocket.

Why do actual weights sometimes differ from published weights?

Each product can have small differences and it can explain tiny weight changes.

What colour should I choose?

First advice should be to choose your favourite one. Second one, colour of the tent can modify the temperature into the room during the day. Blue will be warmer than the pink in this case because our blue is darker than our pink.

Are there some changes between blue and pink La Samaya2.5?

There are no changes between both colours, they are exactly the same, except the colour.

What additional items do I need to buy for my La Samaya2.5?

In case of long trip where you have to preserve your tent and need still more comfort you can add two products. First one is the Footprint2.5. This product will preserve the floor of your La Samaya2.5 on rocky ground for example.

The Vestibule2.5 will add 1.7 sqm and it will be perfect to store your bags into it and release space inside La Samaya2.5

Do I need a footprint?

If you are not sure about the different grounds you will meet during your trip or if you want to preserve the ground shit of La Samaya2.5, the Footprint2.5 is your perfect partner.

Do I need a vestibule?

If you will be 3 during your trip or if you want to optimize your comfort inside La Samaya2.5, the Vestibule2.5 add 1.7sqm in front of La Samaya2.5 and allows you a perfect storage space.

Why don’t you add mesh screening on the front door of your La Samaya2.5?

On our first product, we design it as light as we can. 

We are thinking about include a removable one for next products.

What is the small tube with pole kit?

The small tube with poles is called « pole doctor ». This piece allows you to pitch your La Samaya2.5 even if you broke a pole. You have to repair your pole or buy a new one when you are back to home.

Technicity of Samaya2.5

What is the difference between 3 and 4 seasons?

A three seasons tent is dedicated for summer-spring-autumn season. It means you can face to small rains and weak wind. Basically, this tent could be really light because they do not have to reach amazing performance.

The world of four season is completely different: the tent should be able to face all kind of weather conditions, even the worst. Harsh wind and strong rains, snow. The waterproofness of your materials will be a key.

How do you justify La Samaya2.5 as a 4 seasons tent?

La Samaya2.5 can face to 20.000mm column water before any water come into the room. Each seam (42 meters) is taped to guarantee full waterproofness. La Samaya2.5 resist up to 120KM/H of wind (75 MPH). These properties justify that La Samaya2.5 is a four seasons tent.

What defines breathability in a tent?

Breathability is the ability of the fabric to breath. It means how your fabric can give away condensation and water vapour. Common unit is the g/qsm/day. 

What defines waterproofness in a tent?

Waterproofness is the ability of a fabric to face water. Common unit is the water column. It means how many millimetres water column we can apply on the fabric before one drop water cross the fabric.

Are the seams of the La Samaya2.5 waterproof?

On La Samaya2.5, every seam is taped. It represents more than 40 meters of seam. La Samaya2.5 is fully waterproof.

Is the La Samaya2.5 single-skin conception?

La Samaya2.5 is a single-skin conception with fully waterproof and breathable 3-layers fabric. 

What does single-skin mean?

There are two types of conception. The single-wall and the double-wall. With a double-conception you will have an inner-room inn mesh fully breathable and a fly which one protect you from external elements. It is heavy, not performant and you will never reach compact volume once fold-up.

Am I sure that I won’t have condensation with your single-wall La Samaya2.5?

Our fabric is the best never use in tent industry. You will never have condensation inside the room, even in hard conditions. We guarantee it.

Why do you propose poles in 9.6mm section?

If you are preparing a long expedition and you know that you will have to face hard condition during many days, it could be a good idea to choose these poles. They are stronger but heavier.

Does the footprint protect under the vestibule too?

Footprint2.5 protect only the ground shit of La Samaya2.5. 

Why is the top removable?

The top of La Samaya2.5 is removable because you have to remove it when you need to plug the Vestibule2.5. If you do not use the Vestibule2.5, you have to keep the top on La Samaya2.5.

Why are there two eyelets for both blue poles?

If you are using Vestibule2.5 too, you will use second eyelets to plug it. There is one more pole when you add the Vestibule2.5.

Why poles have two different endings?

There are one flat ending and one Lock tip. You have to insert the flat ending into the sleeve first. The lock tip will be insert into the eyelet at the end.

Why are there two different colours for the poles?

There are two different lengths of pole. The red one is shorter than blue ones. It is easier to make the difference. You will find red mark on the sleeve corresponding to the red pole.

Use and storage

Can I use a stove inside my La Samaya2.5?

You cannot use your stove inside your Samaya2.5.

Can I use a stove inside my vestibule?

Of course, you can use your stove inside the Vestibule2.5. This space is dedicated for storage and cooking.

How do I take care of and store my La Samaya2.5 when I am home (to make it last as long as possible)?

When you store La Samaya2.5, it has to be completely dry. Do not hesitate, when you are back to home, to let it dry. It will be helpful to prevent moisture.

Store it sheltered from the sun’s rays. 

Does the La Samaya2.5 protect from cold?

There is no tent protecting from cold. La Samaya2.5 will protect you against wind, rain and snow. Your mattress and your sleeping bag will protect you from cold.

Does La Samaya2.5 protect from UV rays?

La Samaya2.5 is tent. Basically, you have to sleep inside during night.

Otherwise, it will protect you as well as a three layers fabric jacket.

Can I store my backpack in the vestibule?

The Vestibule2.5 is dedicated for this kind of use.

Why do I have to keep the ventilation opened?

Our wall fabric breath like other fabric never breath. But it does not breath as same as one or two humans. If you do not open ventilations, you will quick miss air. 

Can I get into the La Samaya2.5 with my shoes on?

Your Samaya2.5 is your home, your refuge. When you come into your house, or any refuge in the mountains, you have to shoes-off. This is the same for La Samaya2.5. It will preserve your ground too.

Can I get into the La Samaya2.5 with my crampons on?

This is the best way to completely destroy your ground shit. 

Please remove your crampons and shoes-off before coming-into La Samaya2.5.

I am 2m tall, can I fit in the La Samaya2.5?

If you are 2m tall, your sleeping bag will be in contact with the wall fabric. But no worries, there is no condensation into La Samaya2.5. So, your sleeping bag will stay dry all night long.

Can my dog sleep in the La Samaya2.5?

La Samaya2.5 is designed for a couple of human. We are sure that we’ll never design tent for pet. 

We are not responsible for any damages due to pet inside La Samaya2.5.

Can I light a fire camp next to my La Samaya2.5?

Yes, you can light a fire camp next to your Samaya2.5. But you have to be very careful because any sparks or cracklings can damage fabrics.

Can I use the vestibule area as a second bedroom?

In case of emergency the Vestibule2.5 can be used as a second room. It will protect you from element. But Vestibule2.5 is not design for this use. Only storage and cooking space.

Is it mandatory to use the guy lines?

Every time you pitch La Samaya2.5 you have to tight the guy lines. Why? Because if you do not tight guy lines, La Samaya2.5 will not be able to face any wind. 

Can I sleep in the La Samaya2.5 without the removable top?

The top should be removed only in case you need to plug the Vestibule2.5. Otherwise, the top has to be on La Samaya2.5 in every case.

Can I pitch the La Samaya2.5 with my gloves on?

Yes, you can! La Samaya2.5 is a four seasons tent designed to be pitch and use in every weather condition.

How long does it take to fold up the La Samaya2.5?

Fold-up La Samaya2.5 will take only 4-5 minutes of your time. 

Is there a specific way to fold up the La Samaya2.5?

To discover how to pitch and fold-up La Samaya2.5, please refer to tutorial.

Is it 100% safe for the La Samaya2.5 to be stuffed in the Dyneema® bag?

To stuff La Samaya2.5 into Dyneema® bag is the safest way to store it. It allows to never have a fold at the same place on the fabric.

Is it mandatory to store the poles apart from the La Samaya2.5?

Storing pole separately is the best way to preserve La Samaya2.5 and it is easier to get an optimum size of bag. You can compress the textile bag as much as you want.

Can I use your 4 season La Samaya2.5 by hot weather?

Of course, La Samaya2.5 can be used by hot weather. When we say that La Samaya2.5 is a four seasons tent, it is including winter, autumn, spring and summer.


One of my pole sections is bent, is it normal?

This completely normal that some sections will be bent after several night into La Samaya2.5. You can feel confident with them.

My La Samaya2.5 is dirty, how can I clean it?

If your Samaya2.5 is dirty, you can easily apply sponge with water to clean it. Do not use other liquid.

When do I have to change the elastic in the poles?

After many years, maybe elastic inside the pole can show some weakness. You can easily see when the elastic is too old.

When do I have to change my guy lines?

Guy lines are consumable part. When guy lines start to be frayed, do not hesitate to change them. Some extra guy lines are included in the pack when you buy La Samaya2.5.

I have a hole in my La Samaya2.5, what can I do?

Even if La Samaya2.5 is the best tent ever designed, you can make a hole in the ground shit or in the wall. Relax. When you bought La Samaya2.5, there is small repair kit with Dyneema® and wall fabrics. It is easy and fast to repair a hole.

If the hole is too big, please contact your retailer.

I broke a pole, what can I do?

Sometimes it happens. Relax. You can spend the night fixing your pole with the pole doctor included when you buy the tent.

When you are back to home, you will find on our the Samaya e-shop a new pole kit.

Is it possible to buy spare pieces to fix my La Samaya2.5 or poles?

If you need to replace any poles of La Samaya2.5, every piece is available online.

How long is the product under warranty?

The warranty on La Samaya2.5 is 2 years.

In which case/situation can I apply for the warranty?

You can apply only in case of default on La Samaya2.5.

For any other complaints, place refer to your retailer. They will study your case and let you know what to do.

Special request ? Ask us.