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Several days of expedition in Russia in complete autonomy, climbing the North Face of Elbrus, this was the challenge we were seeking to prove us right about the key specifications of our first tent.  As the wind was blowing and the cold froze our beards at the third base camp (4600 m high), we rose the tent and got inside to spend the night. We were glad the product was holding its promise and kept us safe from the elements. 4 season, comfortable and fast & light, we had the proof our product is good. 

Elbrus (5642 m) is the second of the 7 highest summits of the world SAMAYA’s team has climbed. It is by now the most technical and advanced use of the tent, which has validated the technicality of this one.

Wind, cold temperatures, emotions, everything was there. The first SAMAYA expedition has been a success. We are very happy about this experience, on the human as well as the product aspects of it.

Arthur, General Director

It is for us a huge accomplishment after two years of development. We tested and approved our tent under extreme conditions and constraints of an expedition in autonomy.

Ghislain, CEO

Here’s a quick story time of our time there:

Day 1: dry night after a 3 hours walk
Altitude: 3000 m

Day 2: spent the night on a glacier after, once again, a 3 hours walk
Altitude: 3800 m

Day 3: stopped at Lenz Rock
Faced 100km/h gales and a temperature at -20°c
To be honest, this was the real test. A very stressful night, hoping that our tent would withstand these extreme conditions. Very noisy, we didn’t sleep much.
Altitude: 4600 m

Day 4: sending day. After 6h30 walking, we reached the summit at 5642 m
We then walked back down and built our 4th base camp, after an 11h long day and a sleepless night.
A nice dry night allowed us to dry our clothes out before the come back to civilization in the morning.
Altitude: 2800 m