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Les chroniques de l'instant [1/3]

At Samaya®, we strongly believe in the power of storytelling. It inspires our choices of trips, climbs, bivouacs, travels and ends up indirectly changing our lives. At this atypical year-end, when the cold weather is inviting itself and the snow is glittering, a completely different relationship with the mountains is emerging. We would like to share this new vision of the mountains with you through a series of chronicles. Let us guide you to re-appropriate the present moment by looking upwards, to this place we love so much, to this unique place where the ground stops to meet the starry sky.

Les chroniques de l'instant [1/3]

Chapter 1: Dreaming about it

One of the defining feature of mountaineering is the dream that precedes the action.


As Gaston Rébuffat used to say: “The mountaineer is a man who takes his body where his eyes once looked.”. This quotation is inspiring and transposes itself to all enthusiasts looking for a reconnection with nature. It invites us to raise our heads and go towards what makes us dream.

But what happens between reading a story, contemplating a mountain and the moment when we actually find ourselves in these so dear and desired places, meticulously preparing a platform to establish our shelter for one or more nights?

Even the greatest of winter achievements is born from a desire, which matures into a project, into action and finally, after a while, into destiny.

This genesis from dream to realisation often proves to be very personal and is in itself an ascent. The journey that separates this dream from its fulfilment is not effortless. It requires passion, determination and, indeed, preparation with the right equipment.

If there is only one step from the desire to the project, it is still something to take it.

The mountains are eminently attractive and bewitching at this time of year, but they can also be inhospitable. Preparation is therefore crucial and also requires an excellent knowledge of oneself, both physically and mentally.

The writer and philosopher Gustave Thibon recalled at leisure that “to be in the wind is a dead leaf ambition”. In order to fully live one’s ascent, it is fundamental to dream it for oneself, rather than to respond to expectations and motivations that are not one’s own. This is where the intimate origin of the project takes on its full meaning: anchored in the depths of each enthusiast, experienced or not, it gives him the inner power to take that step between dream and action. The time spent in the middle of these natural cathedrals then expands.

The most beautiful adventure story will never replace the experience of intense interaction with nature and it is never too late to take the plunge. A roaming project carried by the power of a dream makes it an initiatory journey. What one keeps inside when descending is an infinitely valuable asset and the personal benefit associated with it is not necessarily proportional to the level of commitment.

If, with these few lines, we can give you the confidence and the desire to revive old dreams, whatever they may be, and to transform them into projects, then – no matter what anyone says – this year-end will definitely be centered on the instant.

Les chroniques de l’instant [1/3]