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Here is the tutorial for repairing the 3-layer membrane of your Samaya2.5 2020.



In order to make our products as durable as possible, but also as recyclable as possible. We would like to offer you the possibility to easily and quickly repair your Samaya2.5 tent. With the help of the Repair Kit, provided in each of the Samaya2.5 packs, and this tutorial, you will be able to easily repair the breaches that your mountain outings could have caused.


Fast and easy to repair, your SAMAYA2.5 is built to last.





The use of a marker is optional.

Locate the location of the breach.


STEP 2 : Cut out the patch with scissors.

Cut out with scissors


STEP 3: Draw a marker 1 cm wider than the breach.

The use of a marker is optional.

Draw a wider marker


STEP 4: Preheat the 3-layer membrane with the iron for 30 seconds.

Preheat the tent membrane


STEP 5 : Peel off your patch carefully.

Peel off the repair patch


STEP 6: Glue the repair patch to the membrane.

Glue the repair patch


STEP 7: Apply iron for 30 seconds.

Maximum iron temperature.

Apply the iron on the membrane


STEP 8 : Wait 24 hours before using your tent.

Wait 24 hours before use